Disinfection Service


Step 1 Basic surface area disinfection

We will first sanitize the areas that are more open to the public as those places will most likely to have the most day to day germs and dirt. We do this to eliminate the built up dirt's and germs that may cause our radiation devices to be less effective.


Step 2 Radiation disinfection

We will survey the area and choose the most appropriate and effective placement of the radiation devices. After we have chosen an area, that area will be off limits to any living things, our personnel will explain further of the necessary means for us to be able to use our radiation devices.


Pleas book HERE or contact our representatives, thank you.


2 Extra tips to keep your shop & office cleaner after disinfection

1.Vacuum the area that was disinfected

This helps eliminate the dead germs that the radiation killed, though they are harmless it will help making your place a lot cleaner.

2.Mop the floor

Protect against new germs