In 2020, Singapore had a total of 175,853 cases of fire incidents.



For the Home chefs

There was a total of 1054 fires located at residential premises and the number.1 vause is unattended cooking, the hot oil may catch fire quickly if left unattended. this caused an increase from 2019 by 5.9%. 

For PAB and PMD riders 

Within residential premises, 67.7% of fires are caused by power assisted bikes (PAB) and personal mobility bikes (PMD). THe public has put out 57% of rubbish fires, prior to SCDF. 


We hope you never have to use this!


Fire blankets have been around for many years, but has be undermined by the misinterpretation of usage. The emergency blanket can be effective when used well and may save you and your love ones lives.


How To Use

For a substance/object on flames
  1. Pull the extended tape at the bottom of the fire blanket packet
  2. Open the blanket fully and gently place over the flames
  3. (If so) Turn off the power supply, and leave the blanket over the fire



For a person on flames

  1. Open the blanket fully and wrap around the person
  2. Drop and roll around the floor
  3. Proceed to call 995