Disinfection Vs Sterilization: Know The Difference

Disinfection Vs Sterilization: Know The Difference

DISINFECTION: It involves the use of chemical agent to eliminate all pathogenic microorganisms, but not all types of microorganisms present on the objects. Most commonly used to decontaminate surfaces and air.

STERILIZATION: The process of the destruction of all microbial life. Most commonly used for food, medicine and surgical instruments. 

Both sterilization and disinfection eliminate, remove, kill, or deactivate microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. However, bacteria possess the innate ability to form spores when the environment becomes unsuitable for their survival. These spores are often the difficult to eliminate and they produce new bacteria just when the environmental conditions become favorable again. Therefore, even if the surface looks perfectly clean, it just might not be clean enough as there might still be spores hiding. Sterilization is undoubtedly a far better strategy compared to disinfection to ensure a completely clean substance.

Even though disinfection is sufficient to kill Coronavirus, medical equipment still needs to be properly sterilized to prevent any chances of opportunistic infections to occur.

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