Tips on breathing with a mask on

Heavy Breathing

A company that produces respiratory muscle training devices, says while masks can slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, they can also throw off our breathing.

What happens when you put on the mask, the body has a biological response. It has a response of breathing quicker, more rapid.

If your breathing becomes shallow, that can lead to hyperventilation, a state in which you are breathing harder but not getting enough oxygen.


Wearing mask at work

Breathing harder can lead to headaches, to dizziness, to loss of concentration, and that's really bad especially if you have to wear a mask while working or going to school.
When your breathing is thrown off, that can also make you feel more anxious.


Try this breathing exercise

Take 5 quality breaths before you put the mask on. Then, take 5 quality breaths when you have the mask on. Then, as soon as you take the mask off, take 5 quality breaths again.

A "quality" breath, is a four-step process:

inhale for 4 seconds through your nose
exhale for 6 seconds through your mouth
pause for 2 seconds
repeat the exercise
Doing this 5 times will help re-set your breathing pattern.

And, if your breathing becomes shallow during the day, while you're wearing your mask, try the exercise again.

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