4 reason to use Bouttion UV-C

1. Say no to nasty molds

With the use of UV-C you can say good bye to those nasty molds that can build up in your water bottle. Be assured that your water is always clean and on the go. Thanks to our smart chip you will always have a little sun inside your bottle.

2. Smart touch screen with slick & sexy body

You will have your colleague, friends, and family asking you about your smart Bouttion water bottle. With our well though of design you can use it to match your fashion statement and flex on your friends. 

3. Enjoy clean water anytime, anywhere and say no to nasty weird water taste

Whether you’re camping, hiking or traveling, you can be assured of safe clean water to drink at all times with the Bouttion. Live your life with peace of mind (and gut!) that you’re protected from waterborne illnesses.

4. UV-C destroys bacteria and viruses

Ultraviolet light is rich, electromagnetic energy naturally emitted from the sun. UV Light has been used for many decades for sterilization purposes in water treatment plants, hospitals, laboratories, etc., Recently, it gained popularity due to the advances in LED technology. Now this wavelength of light is produce without the use of toxic elements such as mercury. 


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