5 Tips to Stay Safe During a Pandemic

1. Avoid poorly ventilated crowds and spaces

Poorly ventilated areas increases your chances of getting sick during a pandemic due to the greater amount of concentration of airborne contaminants, including viruses. It is recommended to avoid areas such as indoors with little exposure to fresh air from outside.



2. Test yourself on a regular basis

At any signs of a viral infection during a pandemic, keep yourself and your surrounding people safe by testing yourself using the self-test kit. Do not be hesitant or dismissive of the idea of being infected because it can lower the chances of spreading it to others.


3. Invest in a disinfection system for your home

Disinfection system such as air purifiers and tools that emit UV(Ultra Violet) radiation are able to effectively kill the microorganisms in the air or on surfaces. During a pandemic, most of the population will be staying indoors and it is recommended to invest in a disinfection system that can reduce the spread of the viruses in your own homes.


4. Wear a mask

It may sound simple but wearing a face mask can reduce the transmission rate of viruses by 79% as evidenced by a cohort study in Beijing of SARS-CoV-2. You should be wearing a mask whenever you head outdoors to protect yourself from airborne viruses.


5. Frequently sanitize your hands

Make sure you carry a hand sanitizer with you at all times. And, ensure that it contain at least 60% alcohol. Sanitize your hand completely whenever you head outdoors, making sure that every area of your hand is covered.